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Monday, November 4, 2013

THC's South African DJ Feature #4 - Royal K (Genre: Progressive)

Local talent all around, and Royal K is no exception. Plenty of fresh sexy progressive, Royal K has long since become a household EDM South African brand and continues to make plenty of headway. Check out the above link for the latest from the Maestro, enjoy!

A little about Royal K in his own words:

"Royal K Does not stick to 1 specific genre as to truly read the crowds response and reactions, his style may be seen as adaptive, but always the right sound to keep a dance floor on their toes.
In 2012 he signed up and joined the Soul Candi Records team,
He plays a mixture of Progressive & Electro house all along his own style, to not sound like your average run of the mill DJ.
Royal K has played some of South Africa's finest clubs such as Truth, Manhattan, Origin (DBN), Latinova, Rocca Bar, Trinity, Voodoo lounge, Vacca Matta, Juice, Groovebar, Manhattans, Clapham Gold, Balizza (PE), Karma (CT), 91 (CT), Bonkers(DBN), XS (Umhlanaga), Crush (Ballito), De La Sol (DBN) Cape 2 Cairo, Jet, Sugar, and many more!
Whilst knocking out some big events like, H2o,Ultrafest, The Workshop (PE), Electric Circus, Ultrafest, Ballito Street Party (New years)tbc, Mynx, Kiss, As well as playin at the Vodacom Color matric rage, Durban July After party (DLI hall) , Ministry Of Sound (Nye 2011).
Also, he has played alongside some of South Africa's finest dj's, including, Roger Goode, Dj Fresh, Ricardo Da Costa, Mark Stent, Vimo, Euphonik, Lady Lea, Erica Elle, Flash Republic, Goldfish and many many more.
Not to mention the Internationals such as – Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Nervo, Pete Tong, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Edu Imbernon, Menno De Jong, Judge Jules, Chris Lake, Eats Everything, Paul Oakenfold, Hijack, Stupid Fresh, Tom Eq, Jeff Doubleu, Jackinori, Calverton. Bass Kleph. Alex kenji, Sebastian Leger (dec 2011), Sean Tyas, Avicii, Pleasurekraft and more
His first radio single featured the lead vocalist J’Something from Micasa which charted across the country and now his second single Stars is doing the damage as well!
He has done official remixes for Mi Casa all 3 of their current singles, where my remix of “heavenly Sent” is on Gareth Cliffs new album, as well as many other local compilations & my remix of “These streets” is on the Mi Casa Platinum edition.
Besides Mi Casa he has remixed the likes of, Chiano Sky, Pascal & pearce, Toya Delazy, Classy Menace and many more!
Royal K has many tracks on albums across SA, like Bump, House Anthems, Electric Circus, Club Anthems, Boom, Ministry Of Sound and more!
Royal K has many releases to date on various labels in different genres,
Such As, Soul Candi, F! Records. Flexual Records, Grooved music, Destiantion, Champion Beats, Epidemic records, Junky Trunk, Bombeatz, Filthy Bitch, Phresh Digital, Nu Style & Soul Candi records.
Royal K has also been added to the BUMP cd team, and mixed disc # 4 on the latest Bump which reached a milestone this year, BUMP 30."

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

THC DJ mix feature - Top Hat Culture #022 EDM Sessions by DJ Santafeparadox (Genre: Deep)

We like it that deep is back, don't you? There's a lot of debate going around about what should be classified as deep house and what shouldn't. Our very own resident says screw genre debates and let's make it about the music, and quite frankly... We agree! Fresh off the press as always, we present to you Deep Not House!

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Much love to all those who love music, 

Top Hat Culture Crew  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

THC's South African DJ Feature #3 - Kyle Watson

Beautiful isn't it? All of us searching high and low for the best music has to offer, to come across something local that competes on an international level. Kyle Watson is not only a ground breaking local DJ, but his production is equally marvelous. Delectable vibey grooves with plenty of bounce, classy indeed. Fresh off the press, Enjoy!

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Much love to all those who love music, 

Top Hat Culture Crew  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

THC's South African DJ Feature #2 - SimStar (Genre: Deep)

South Africa has plenty of talent, and SimStar is no exception. Deep grooves with plenty of vibe, delectably put together.

A little about SimStar in her own words:

"One of the freshest, most delectably decadent, femme DJ’s recently returned to South African shores has to be the booty-shaking, vibe-creatin’ and sister jam slamming Simstar!
“I’ve been Djing for the last 6 years, self taught for the first three on Technics 1210s,” explains the effervescent rising rockette.
Not being content with mediocrity, Simstar embarked on a mission of self exploration to feel the good vibrations of London Town’s subterranean, underground, dance soul in 2009.
“Seeing all the major influences in my life as I was growing up, performing right in front of me, led me to a deep and lifelong passion for underground dance music,” enthuses Simstar, the words dripping from her lips and her eyes sparkling with an unmistakable passion that is sure to set fire to dance floors across the country.
During her time in London Simstar didn’t allow the grass to grow under her feet. The aspiring student of mixology went to The London Sound Academy where she was taught the art of mixing on CDJ’S by the legendary UK. DJ, Producer and Promoter, Buster Bennet.
“I then proceeded to play at various private parties across London,” enthuses Simstar. “I also played alongside Larry Tee at the infamous Shaba Daba events at club Avalon and at The Raving Buddha in West London.”
On the young sensations’ return to South Africa at the end of 2011 Simstar immediately set about establishing herself in the local underground scene.
And with a star-aligned helping of serendipity she was invited to demonstrate her DJ skills to local audiences – for the first time in three years – during an off the cuff set at AREIA Dance Festival, an annual gathering of like-minded beat –driven souls in Mozambique.
This led to Simstar being asked by the renowned Ricco Dex to play her booty shaking beats during the entire festival, alongside SA DJs, producers, remixers and self confessed music lovers, Mark Stent, MissRed, Thalia, Doctor Stone, The Chad, DJ Calculus, The Mon and Ru – B.
She has also signed with the amazing Diva's on Decks, so keep your ears and eyes open for the blond-rocking beat chick as she continues to rip up dance floors and break down party doors all across the country .

Thursday, October 3, 2013

DJ mix Showcase - Santafeparadox (Genre: Various)

Nice and tidy don't you think? Over 5 hours of pure musical bliss from our very own resident DJ Santafeparadox. Ranging from Trap to Deep House to Dirty Dutch but with a melodic musical consistency throughout, there's something here for everybody. Listen, share and enjoy. Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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Top Hat Culture Crew  

Monday, September 30, 2013

THC DJ Mix Feature - Santafeparadox episode 20 #progressive #dirty #electro

Practice makes perfect, and that's exactly what Santafeparadox has been doing. His latest installment is yet again filled with bass thumping goodness and most definitely pleasurable to the ears. If the genre is up your alley this one is definitely for you. Listen, share and enjoy!

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Much love to all those who love music,
Top Hat Culture Crew  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

THC Artist DJ Mix Feature - Gabriel and Dresden (Genre: Trance/Electro)

Not only do they mix exceedingly well, but Gabriel and Dresden have been at the absolute forefront of production for many many years. They have released hit after hit, including the famous "Tracking Treasure Down" and are always worth listening to. And today we have a little gem on our hands, an hour of cutting edge pure musical bliss. And not to forget the free download this one comes along with, makes it an absolute winner. Listen and enjoy.

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Artist Feature - DJ Santafeparadox goes Dirty Dutch

Well, once the bug bites it never stops. And once it never stops it just keeps getting better and better. Our ever faithful resident, Santafeparadox is at it again. And this time the chilled stuff is taking a little back seat, and the hard banging stuff is right upfront. Listen and enjoy.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

THC's Song of The Day #8 Pusha T - Numbers on the Board (Crookers VIP version) Genre: Electro

Remember this name? Yes you do, Crookers has been a household underground favourite for years. Thing is they've been rather quiet of late, but they're back. Slicker, hotter and fresher than ever before. If you like uniquely fresh banging electro, this is for you. And probably for anyone else too. It grows on you!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DJ Mix Feature - Dada Life (Electro)

If you haven't heard of these guys yet, you're obviously still hanging out with cassettes. Dada Life have been my favourite for a while, and they're taking the world by storm. Sit back, relax and enjoy the hard hitting perfection of what is, Dada life. Their freshest produce, brought to you by Top Hat Culture. 

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

THC's Song of the day #7 Tracking Acid Down - Tiesto vs Gabriel and Dresden (Santafeparadox mashup) Genre: Electro

I am slowly finding my way back into the outer realms of production, and this is my first attempt at a mashup. The track that made me fall in love with house, coupled with some fresh Tiesto makes this a real banger. Have a listen! Free .WAV copy available for download on Soundcloud!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Santafeparadox mix #17 - Spring Carnival Live Set #deep #tech #house #2013 *FREE DL + Tracklist*

My CDJ set from Spring Carnival, recorded 2013.09.01
1. Paper aeroplane - Francesco Rossi
2. Detroit calling - Pleasurekraft
3. People say - Nic Fanciulli
4. The gettup - Eats everything
5. French 75 - Leftwing
6. Move on - Leonardo Glovibes
7. Censored - Veerus
8. Vanishing point - Dusky
9. La fique - Robosonic
10. Let's groove - George Morel
11. Got a feeling - Pleasurekraft
12. House is house - Hector Couto
13. Cool - Ben Pearce
14. Girl - Steve Bone
15. If you go away - Rebeat
16. Cruel summer - Jimmy Choon
17. Desert City - Sako Isoyan
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

THC's Song of the Day #6 Genre: Funky Deep

It isn't every day you find a gem only 70 odd people in the world have listened to. This number is deep with a sprinkle of piano and definitely worth taking a listen to. We will also be conducting an interview with Grand Electric Music and showcase more of their stuff in the upcoming weeks. Watch this space!

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Thursday, August 29, 2013

DJ Santafepardox mix #16 - Easy vocals and thick beats (Genre: Deep)

My CDJ mix recorded on 2013.08.26
1 santos devana – centos cigarettes
2 in the many – sofa ensemble
3 dave mayer and ebbo riginal – your story
4 no details – Andrew T
5 Sleaz – beautiful
6 work the week – nic fancuilli
7 Melanchronic – moodymanc
8 in the night – blondish
9 Moment – lee george
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Santafeparadox's deep house DJ set Durban July 2013

My CDJ rehash of my live set as performed at the Durban July 2013 recorded 2013.08.10, part two of two.

1. Only for tonight - Totally extinct dinosaurs
2. Electricity - Annabel
3. Beg - Hot since 82
4. The Giver - Duke Dumont
5. Real - Gorgon City
6. Mainline - Tensnake
@santafeparadox ‪#‎santafeparadox‬ ‪#‎tophatculture‬

Friday, June 14, 2013

THC's Song of the Day #5 Genre: Deep House

Might even have heard this one on the radio (don't tell) but it would be completely wrong not to share it with you. Today's song of the day is deep, real deep. Beautiful smooth classical female vocals sprinkled with amazing piano in between. It does not get better than this!

Nora en Pure - Come with me


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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

THC's Song of the Day #4 Genre: Electro

Well can you believe it!

Today's song of the day is a real banger, beautifully cut vocals paired with some vibey electronic undercurrents definitely makes this one to listen to.

Better yet, the producer of this fine track actually contacted Top Hat Culture, and during the next few weeks THC will be conducting it's very first interview with this awesome artist.

His name is George Seals AKA PrettyBoyBeats and hails all the way from Miami in the US of A. So watch this space!

If you would like to follow PrettyBoyBeats check out his Soundcloud page:


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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Saturday, May 18, 2013

THC's South African guest DJ Feature #1 - Mikey Laing (Deep House)

Well make that another series then, because showcasing local talent and good music is of utmost importance to us at Top Hat Culture.

To kick us off...

Mikey Laing - 6 feet deeper mix (Deep House)

Followed by a short clip of Mikey performing live at Top Hat Culture #3!

A little bit about Mikey Laing from the man himself:

"I first found a love for music at a very young age, always borrowing my parents old records to listen to in the quiet of my own room.
This passion for music blossomed in high school when I took music as a subject.
Learning to play the drums, classical guitar and a little piano improved my ability to read & write music, as well as identify sounds and keys in various pieces of music without having to read the musical notes.
After experimenting with many types of sounds I eventually fell in love with House music, in particular the deeper sounds of House.
During my first year at University I developed an interest in mixing music and electronic music production, which ultimately fueled my desire to pursue DJ'ing as an interest.
Having a fairly sound music background (theory and practical) enables me to be versatile in terms of mixing as well as experimenting with various sounds in different environments.
I am part owner of a small production company called Energy Productions.
Both myself and my business partner, DJ Welkin are very versatile and frequently take various genres of music to different dance floor environments.
I have featured on 2 internet radio stations namely TwinFX Radio as well as Sensations Radio.FM which both broadcast internationally on a weekly basis.
I have featured at various night clubs and underground events alongside the following reputable international and local artists:
Mark Knight (UK)
Sarah Main (Ibiza)
Anne Savage (UK)
Justin Time (UK)
Coco Loco
Dakin Auret
Quintin Christian (UK)
Trickski (GER)
Shadow Club (CPT)
Pimp Squad (Guy Herman & Jon S)
Ian Skene (CPT)
T-Factor (CPT)
James Damian
Iain Mcullum
Green Junior
Psy Andy
Alistair Lundall
Will Vandal
Ron Rowley
Funky B
Spin Doctor 
For booking please email me through Soundcloud, Facebook or my Energy-Productions website:
For the love of house music !"

Listen while the upload is still there, share and enjoy!

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why we love electronic music, from THC's perspective.

It’s quite peculiar isn’t it?

I mean, if you think about it in reasonable logical terms, there’s no explanation to this obsession. In most cases there’s no real instrument involved, and if you had count the number of times you hear the same sound over and over again in one song I can literally imagine it would be a scary number. My best guess would be this is the very reason why some, or a lot, of people don’t enjoy this particular genre of music. I can imagine a few people turning in their graves by the way music has changed today, entire orchestras replaced by a single computer or a not so nice voice turned into a super one just like that.. How things have changed.

So why do we like it?

The reason may be different for everyone, but as an idealist and a wandering thinker I keep coming back to the same thought process. That saying, I’m not trying to explain why we like all electronic music, just rather why we as individuals have our own varied preferences within this broad genre.
I believe a song tells a story. And just like any story a song needs to follow a trend. Before I continue however, I’d like to play a word association game. What’s the first thing music related that pops to mind when thinking about music? Once again, answers are bound to be different, but for me the clear winner has to be “dancing”. Dancing is synonymous with music, and in that minute while you’re dancing and listening to a song nothing else matters. Due to the repetitiveness of the beat the music allows you to find you’re own little shelter within the song, and because you know what’s coming you are completely free to be yourself, let go and just have fun. And when you truly love a song, you love the sound of it, and you honestly do not care how many times it comes at you. Each time, feels like the first time you hear it. Beautiful.

Like I said earlier all music tells a story but the difference with electronic music is, it lets you create the story. And that is why I and perhaps maybe you, love music the way we do. Either way, always keep listening and always keep dancing.

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

THC's Song of the day #3 Genre: Electro

Showing some respect to local vocals and international beats, today's song of the day is a real club banger released for FREE download by The Pooty Club Records. Been closely following the mentioned record label, and if you like this song you should definitely take a look at them too.

Die Antwoord - Dis is Why I'm Hot (BoxInBox Remix)

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Sunday, May 5, 2013

THC's Song of the day #2 Genre: Deep House

This is deep, really deep. This one goes out to all my mates in a chilled little place called Durban!

Urulu - Sincerely 1991 EP Sampler

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

THC's resident DJ mix #deep house by SFP

It is a holiday in most western countries all over the world today, so keeping with the chilled theme of the day I present to you a mix by our very own DJ Santafeparadox. As far as Soundcloud goes this mix has definitely been the favourite by far so give it a listen, strictly deep house only.


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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Monday, April 29, 2013

THC's Social Media Domination Tip #2

Been browsing the web finding out a few more ways on how to boost traffic to your blog or website. See the links below and see what it is all about, by adding your blog to their web directory. Hope this helps! Once again will post an update if anyone is interested in the results.

Online Marketing
Add your blog to the On Top List blog directory here.

Free Website Visitors

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Sunday, April 28, 2013

THC's song of the day #1 Genre: Electro

And this brings us to our third and final series, a little bit of musical fun with Song of the Day! If the genre is up your alley, I oath that the song will most definitely be too. So go check it out!

To start us off:

Will sparks - Chemical energy

And as a little note to all past, present and future posts. If the link no longer works, you were too late!

What a banger, enjoy!

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Friday, April 26, 2013

THC's Social Media Domination Tip #1

And here we start yet another series for all those looking to build a public presence on the web. Whether you're a DJ like myself, or anyone else requiring a following from scratch this should definitely help you out.


Supposedly if (one of the world's largest online blog directories) sees this code in my blog, it will be verified as my own and I will have new exciting chances to increase viewership to my blog:


Definitely worth checking out if you've started your own blog, looking to earn those hard to get first views.Will definitely post an update on this somewhere in the future if anyone is interested in hearing about the results :)

As always, much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Thursday, April 25, 2013

THC's DJ Weapon #1

Trying something new, so this marks the kickoff of a new series that you (and me) as a DJ can use to make our lives more awesome in general. Whether it be a tip, song you can use or some plain old advice this will be your weekly source of information. Things I am finding out myself on the journey of being a DJ, I fully believe that you can never stop learning!

Today we start off with a song, let's face it the way your mind works and the way your average listener thinks does not collaborate well. At all. Therefore whether you like it or not, if you're just starting out...


I know, I bloody well hate it but you have to. People like to know what they hear. And a nice way of doing this is finding a remix of a popular song. Or an underground beat with a mainstream artist performing on it, which you are way less likely to find. But be careful, make sure that it's even better than the original and is something special. There are millions of remixes, but the good ones are very rare.

So this leads us to our first song:

Some Moombathon I was lucky enough to stumble upon today, always nice as a DJ to find mainstream artists with some banger remixes going on... To keep himself, and the crowd happy :D

I present to you...

Justin Timberlake vs Snoop Lion - NoStrawberryAllowed (Bee Bootleg)

Check it out! Free download too!

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Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For the love of House.

I have some good news, recently started a Facebook page for team Top Hat Culture, and we will be giving away a new song almost daily on the group!

So add yourself to the group now and like our page, we're asking nicely:

Enjoy! And looking forward to Top Hat Culture #3 on the 12th of April :D

Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to the green side!

Welcome to Top Hat Culture!

Not only a bi-weekly party situated in Johannesburg, South Africa but a worldwide underground EDM music movement. First up a mix by our resident DJ, Santafeparadox!

A proudly created mix from purely Creative Commons (find them on SC for free) only tracks. Please feel free to download, listen and share. Any input appreciated and will be reciprocated.


1. Jump ya body (Omni remix) - Kill the Noise
2. Feed me diamonds (Save the rave remix) - MNDR
3. Gangnam Style - Allesandro Vinai Bootleg
4. Red light - Elimate
5. Swept away - Parra
6. Twinz Beatz - TeamNoSleep
7. I could be the one (Save the rave remix) - Avicii
8. Audio fire - Kedzie

Free download on Soundcloud!

Join the Top Hat movement:
And my facebook page:
My mixcloud page for more awesome mixes: