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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

THC's South African DJ Feature #2 - SimStar (Genre: Deep)

South Africa has plenty of talent, and SimStar is no exception. Deep grooves with plenty of vibe, delectably put together.

A little about SimStar in her own words:

"One of the freshest, most delectably decadent, femme DJ’s recently returned to South African shores has to be the booty-shaking, vibe-creatin’ and sister jam slamming Simstar!
“I’ve been Djing for the last 6 years, self taught for the first three on Technics 1210s,” explains the effervescent rising rockette.
Not being content with mediocrity, Simstar embarked on a mission of self exploration to feel the good vibrations of London Town’s subterranean, underground, dance soul in 2009.
“Seeing all the major influences in my life as I was growing up, performing right in front of me, led me to a deep and lifelong passion for underground dance music,” enthuses Simstar, the words dripping from her lips and her eyes sparkling with an unmistakable passion that is sure to set fire to dance floors across the country.
During her time in London Simstar didn’t allow the grass to grow under her feet. The aspiring student of mixology went to The London Sound Academy where she was taught the art of mixing on CDJ’S by the legendary UK. DJ, Producer and Promoter, Buster Bennet.
“I then proceeded to play at various private parties across London,” enthuses Simstar. “I also played alongside Larry Tee at the infamous Shaba Daba events at club Avalon and at The Raving Buddha in West London.”
On the young sensations’ return to South Africa at the end of 2011 Simstar immediately set about establishing herself in the local underground scene.
And with a star-aligned helping of serendipity she was invited to demonstrate her DJ skills to local audiences – for the first time in three years – during an off the cuff set at AREIA Dance Festival, an annual gathering of like-minded beat –driven souls in Mozambique.
This led to Simstar being asked by the renowned Ricco Dex to play her booty shaking beats during the entire festival, alongside SA DJs, producers, remixers and self confessed music lovers, Mark Stent, MissRed, Thalia, Doctor Stone, The Chad, DJ Calculus, The Mon and Ru – B.
She has also signed with the amazing Diva's on Decks, so keep your ears and eyes open for the blond-rocking beat chick as she continues to rip up dance floors and break down party doors all across the country .