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Thursday, April 25, 2013

THC's DJ Weapon #1

Trying something new, so this marks the kickoff of a new series that you (and me) as a DJ can use to make our lives more awesome in general. Whether it be a tip, song you can use or some plain old advice this will be your weekly source of information. Things I am finding out myself on the journey of being a DJ, I fully believe that you can never stop learning!

Today we start off with a song, let's face it the way your mind works and the way your average listener thinks does not collaborate well. At all. Therefore whether you like it or not, if you're just starting out...


I know, I bloody well hate it but you have to. People like to know what they hear. And a nice way of doing this is finding a remix of a popular song. Or an underground beat with a mainstream artist performing on it, which you are way less likely to find. But be careful, make sure that it's even better than the original and is something special. There are millions of remixes, but the good ones are very rare.

So this leads us to our first song:

Some Moombathon I was lucky enough to stumble upon today, always nice as a DJ to find mainstream artists with some banger remixes going on... To keep himself, and the crowd happy :D

I present to you...

Justin Timberlake vs Snoop Lion - NoStrawberryAllowed (Bee Bootleg)

Check it out! Free download too!

As always our links for more of all things music: (My personal DJ page)

Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )