Top Hat Culture Radio

Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to the green side!

Welcome to Top Hat Culture!

Not only a bi-weekly party situated in Johannesburg, South Africa but a worldwide underground EDM music movement. First up a mix by our resident DJ, Santafeparadox!

A proudly created mix from purely Creative Commons (find them on SC for free) only tracks. Please feel free to download, listen and share. Any input appreciated and will be reciprocated.


1. Jump ya body (Omni remix) - Kill the Noise
2. Feed me diamonds (Save the rave remix) - MNDR
3. Gangnam Style - Allesandro Vinai Bootleg
4. Red light - Elimate
5. Swept away - Parra
6. Twinz Beatz - TeamNoSleep
7. I could be the one (Save the rave remix) - Avicii
8. Audio fire - Kedzie

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