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Saturday, May 18, 2013

THC's South African guest DJ Feature #1 - Mikey Laing (Deep House)

Well make that another series then, because showcasing local talent and good music is of utmost importance to us at Top Hat Culture.

To kick us off...

Mikey Laing - 6 feet deeper mix (Deep House)

Followed by a short clip of Mikey performing live at Top Hat Culture #3!

A little bit about Mikey Laing from the man himself:

"I first found a love for music at a very young age, always borrowing my parents old records to listen to in the quiet of my own room.
This passion for music blossomed in high school when I took music as a subject.
Learning to play the drums, classical guitar and a little piano improved my ability to read & write music, as well as identify sounds and keys in various pieces of music without having to read the musical notes.
After experimenting with many types of sounds I eventually fell in love with House music, in particular the deeper sounds of House.
During my first year at University I developed an interest in mixing music and electronic music production, which ultimately fueled my desire to pursue DJ'ing as an interest.
Having a fairly sound music background (theory and practical) enables me to be versatile in terms of mixing as well as experimenting with various sounds in different environments.
I am part owner of a small production company called Energy Productions.
Both myself and my business partner, DJ Welkin are very versatile and frequently take various genres of music to different dance floor environments.
I have featured on 2 internet radio stations namely TwinFX Radio as well as Sensations Radio.FM which both broadcast internationally on a weekly basis.
I have featured at various night clubs and underground events alongside the following reputable international and local artists:
Mark Knight (UK)
Sarah Main (Ibiza)
Anne Savage (UK)
Justin Time (UK)
Coco Loco
Dakin Auret
Quintin Christian (UK)
Trickski (GER)
Shadow Club (CPT)
Pimp Squad (Guy Herman & Jon S)
Ian Skene (CPT)
T-Factor (CPT)
James Damian
Iain Mcullum
Green Junior
Psy Andy
Alistair Lundall
Will Vandal
Ron Rowley
Funky B
Spin Doctor 
For booking please email me through Soundcloud, Facebook or my Energy-Productions website:
For the love of house music !"

Listen while the upload is still there, share and enjoy!

As always our links for more of all things music: (My personal DJ page)

Much love to all those who love music,
Santafeparadox ( Top Hat Culture crew )